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For 10 Years Biggest Wooden Play Kitchen | Customizable Designs. Pretend Play

For 10 Years Biggest Wooden Play Kitchen | Customizable Designs. Pretend Play

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  For 10 Years Biggest Wooden Play Kitchen | Customizable Designs. Pretend Play | Best role playing game | The perfect choice for the nursery | best gift for kids

Hello everyone.
We work for all children of the world.
You can check out other models and colors on my instagram @annevetasarim page. Then just send us a screenshot.
You can even request different designs. I look forward to making one-of-a-kind products.

     - For our customers who do not order special colors: It is enough to choose one of the styles in the image and write the style you have chosen in the order note.

     Common features of my products:
All products go through the control of my daughter Elif :)
- We use paints and oils with N71 certificate suitable for children.
- I can add your child's name to the products.
- I usually produce for children aged 2-7, but I can produce for all age groups.

     Please choose the one that is suitable for you from the product options, if there is no suitable option for you, just write to me.

Do not forget to write the phone number in the order note, this is required for cargo delivery.

Wooden Play Kitchens Have the Perfect Design for Kids

For 10 Years Old Biggest Wooden Play Kitchen has a counter height of 75 cm or 29.5 inches and additionally has two doors on the bottom. The refrigerator and other parts are also designed for 10 years older . Apron set is our gift for our customers who buy kitchen and toys for 10 years old.

Technicial Specifications :

If you are not purchasing a personalized product, the product will be sent similar to the picture.

- (Large) 3-Door Wooden Kids Play Kitchen Features:
Kitchen Dimensions - Height 37.5 inches (95cm) - Width 35.5 inches
(90cm) - Depth 13.5 inches (34cm)

- (Small) Wooden Kids Play Kitchen with 2 Doors Features:
Kitchen Dimensions - Height 37.5 inches (95cm) - Width 12 inches
(60cm) - Depth 13.5 inches (34cm)

- Refrigerator Features:
Width 13.5 inches (35 cm) - Depth 13 inches (33 cm) - Height 38.5 inches (98 cm)

If you wish, you can order visual kitchens, wooden kitchen utensils, metal kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils in the pictures. They are truly excellent and love all children.
An illuminated gas stove can be added to the product.
You can write to me.

Please write to me to buy our products wholesale, to dream of becoming our dealer or to produce new products for us. I will gladly take care of you.
It could be part of the Mothers and Trades we started. We are getting along with a mother from her Turkey. It gives authority and privilege to a mother in every city or country. Please write to us.

Attention please:
-Check the tracking number given to you in order to receive the product smoothly.
-Write your phone number and area code in the shipping information.
-Check the packages you receive before you open them, and record any problems with photos and videos.

We now use video instructions instead of paper documents to reduce carbon emissions. We respect carbon emissions as required by law.

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Alan Cross
High Quality...

We discussed the kitchen of my dreams with İsmail and the kitchen he prepared for me was of really excellent quality.